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We provide services in Big Data, Feature Engineering, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Computer Vision, RNN, CNN, other Algorithms & more.

Database That
Brings Knowledge

AI Knowledge Base - Effective DB Schema Design with plugins and APIs for Effective Feature Engineering: Mine, Label, Segment, Structure and Reuse Existing Libraries.

Perform Work with
Artifical Intelligence

Complex abstractional searches to find exactly what you need for your Marketing Needs, Business Analysis to make informative Decisions and to empower your Projects or Business with AI.

Our Commercial

Current Projects we are working on using our Meduza DB: AI Assistant Adevi that understands User Interfaces and Documents.


Expertise For Your Project or Organisation

At Meduza Labs, we provide expertise to help your project or organisation reach goals faster and translate the results into a higher return on investment. We design software systems, databases, algorithms and models including the latest in Machine Learning technology. Meduza Labs offers solutions to help you reach your goals faster and increase the return of any investments. We put our expertise and skills at your service when it comes to software development systems, databases, algorithms and models including Machine Learning.

Why Choose Meduza Labs?

We have one goal in mind: your success. Our proprietary algorithms are developed internally by our developers and engineers and are crafted to meet your needs. Whatever the data or digital assets you require, we can source it, make it meaningful and accessible, and give you a software system that allows you to act fast and with confidence. We work hard to quickly and efficiently develop your solutions at a cost that works for your budget.

We're Experts In...

Big Data:
       Our team has extensive experience in data mining, data structuring, data segmentation and data labelling with automated design.
Feature Engineering:
       One of the keys to success in the application of machine learning, feature engineering is a fundamental step in creating quality projects.
Business Intelligence:
       We believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of business. We harness its power to deliver algorithms that outperform human BI.
Business Analytics:
       Our proprietary data mining algorithms can make it faster and easier to make intelligent business decisions, on both large and small scales.
Machine Learning Algorithms:
       We understand the intricacies of RNN, CNN, NLP and NLG, Image Processing, Computer Vision, and other algorithms that work with structured and unstructured data.

Our Approach

We use our own proprietary Meduza DB with implemented Feature Learning Tools, Machine Learning Algorithms and other Algorithms to bring intelligence to your organisation or project.
We approach each project with an accurately designed methodology that’s tailored to your project, allowing us to reduce project development risks and formulate reliable objectives.

We can utilise our own Meduza Intellectual Property to give you the most cost-efficient solution.
We develop innovative data mining processes for machine learning algorithms with high certainty revalidation structures.

Meduza Labs provides the structural backbone for all our AI and Machine Learning endeavours, which include Meduza DB, Meduza AI, and Adevi. Meduza Labs is used as an ecosystem to support Meduza DB, an intelligent database that hosts all the algorithms, stores structured data, has data processing algorithms, various pattern algorithms and offers the ability to set up a single complex system as a meta algorithm. Meduza DB provides the support that allows Meduza AI and Adevi to function.

Watch for more projects to come in the future as our technology advances and we fully realise the capabilities of our current technology.


Cloud Database Platform that forms Knowledge

Meduza DB is a unique Cloud Database Platform that brings fragmented information together to form practical knowledge. This growing network of algorithms is a valuable way to harness abstract knowledge for a wide variety of purposes. This MongoDB-run platform can perform as a multi-cluster deep learning algorithm on its own, giving you highly reliable and practical information to help your project or organisation thrive.

About Meduza DB

Intelligent Database:
       Continually draws upon unstructured data, then validates and contextualises the new information to formulate knowledge resulting in a general-knowledge AI system.
Cognitive Search Capabilities:
       Allows you to validate and generate meaningful results that would otherwise be beyond the scope of normal search and find functionality.

Data Mining & Feature Engineering:
       Meduza DB is useful for data mining with validation, and it allows you to automate feature engineering for the data to train algorithms.
Knowledge Resources:
       Meduza DB comes with free and pre-trained knowledge resources that are ready to be implemented for your specific needs, whatever your level of expertise.
Existing Databases Integration:
       Works with a number of Machine Learning algorithms that are trained for specific tasks, allowing you to bring AI capabilities to nearly any project.
AI Capabilities:
       Uses existing knowledge to re-validate algorithms’ outputs and combine them for specific areas of application, allowing for more intelligent processes to help you meet your goals.


Perform Work with Meduza powered Artificial Intelligence

Empower your projects and business and perform at a higher level with the help of Meduza-powered Artificial Intelligence. Meduza AI runs from Meduza DB based on API. It allows you to solve complex tasks with a high degree of processes automation, complemented with specifically designed validation algorithms. This AI platform can provide you with a tailored approach no matter your project or business needs.

About Meduza AI

Optimise Business Analysis:
       Aid and optimise business analysis with Meduza Artificial Intelligence. You’ll be able to make quality, informed decisions with reliability.
Machine Learning Algorithms:
       Meduza AI allows you to use various established Machine Learning algorithms and suggested libraries to tailor the results to your unique needs.

Utilises Deep Learning Database:
       When you combine a deep-layered database with structured algorithms that form AI, you gain the power to optimise and essentially automate the SDLC process.
Multiple Projects:
       You can set up multiple projects with Meduza AI. These projects can be used separately or can be combined to produce a single complex output.
Find Marketing Campaign Data:
       Use Meduza AI to prepare a business-specific, targeted marketing campaign with a complex targeted approach that helps you find what you need in a timely manner.
Search Online More Efficiently:
       Get the most out of online resources, including structured and unstructured resources such as social media, blogs, digital documents, and more.


Current Project is Adevi - your Personal AI Assistant in Software Development

Adevi: Your Personal AI Assistant in Software Development

Meduza Labs’s team of engineers and developers has harnessed the full power of Meduza DB and Meduza AI to bring you Adevi. This construct showcases how we can utilise data and algorithm modeling with a substantially higher degree of efficiency and usability due to effective pre-set tools that work in compatibility with one another.

Adevi allows you to use tools like machine learning, image processing and other algorithms to create UI starting from images, texts, natural language.

Artificial Intelligence for Professional Design Results

Advance user experience through the software development process with Adevi by Meduza Labs. Adevi is a more efficient AI GUI Designer Assistant. It understands, creates, and learns based on a variety of simple user inputs. Upload hand-drawings, complex sketches, or mock-ups of existing GUIs, and Adevi can upgrade your existing design to a professional level, optimize it for various applications and layouts, and even create multiple variations with a single click. Or input anything from simple words and sentences to defined or undefined technical documents and Adevi can assist you in creating a UI that works for your needs.

About Adevi

All-In-One AI Assistant:
       Adevi is your Artificial Intelligence Assistant—allowing you to initiate, collaborate, write tech docs, visualise results and provide a clear development path.
Reduce Costs Significantly:
       By automating the more time-consuming aspects of the SDLC, you use fewer resources in completing your project, thus saving time and money.
Less Room for Error:
       With the clear development path provided by Adevi, you’ll have improved accuracy with less room for human error and higher reliability throughout the process.
Utilizes Machine Learning:
       Adevi combines Machine Learning algorithms and methodologies in a complex way to achieve AI capability to produce a common system goal.
Automated SDLC:
       Adevi can automate scoping, requirements analysis, prototyping, user interface graphic design with user experience, project development planning and more.
Design from Scratch or Use Existing UIs:
       No matter the level of control you’re looking for, you can attain it with Adevi’s customizable options, intuitive tools, and in-depth tutorials.

Easy to Collaborate:
       Make the project go faster by connecting with a designer, copywriter, technical project manager, engineer or programmer for extra assistance.
Design for Non-Designers:
       Whether you lack tech skills, are a non-designer, or are a development company, you can use Adevi to create a system that fulfils your unique needs.
A Secure Process
       Adevi protects your ideas with a non-disclosure agreement and clearly defines access rights for each user throughout the process.

Learn more about Adevi